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Tea tips for a connosieur

Every brew provides an opportunity to experiment with variables such as time, temperature and teapot. Here are a few considerations we suggest worth trying.

Serving multiple cups

When pouring tea from the teapot straight into multiple teacups, pour little amounts in a continuous flow. This method ensures all the servings are of equal strength and flavour. E.g 1→ 2 → 3 → 3 → 2 → 1.

Multiple infusions from the same leaves

Our green teas are of such high quality that the same leaves can be infused several times. Each time you infuse the tea different subtleties of the delicate flavours will be released. It is essential that the tea leaves are not left to stew once they have been infused; straining the tea completely between infusions will prevent the leaves from becoming bitter.

Scoop like a master

Have you ever wondered why we don’t fill our tea tins all the way to the top? This is actually a very purposeful consideration to help with scooping tea. To help prevent the tea leaves from breaking into fine particles (which make their way through your strainer into your cup), try rolling your tea onto a scoop placed inside the tin instead of diving deep as you would with a jar of sugar and see how this technique helps avoid crushing your delicate tea.

Warm your cups first

Warming your cups with boiling first can be a great way to keep your brew warmer for longer. This is also another great way to cool your hot water before pouring it onto your tea leaf. Simply pour freshly boiled water into your teacups, wait a minute and then pour this water from the cups to your teapot.

Soft water is better

The major considerations for ‘tea water’ are mineral content, chlorine and pH levels. Hard water, with a high concentration of dissolved calcium or magnesium, dulls both flavor and aroma. Soft water is considered better for brewing tea as it contains a lower mineral concentration. Water hardness can vary greatly depending on where you live and how your local authorities treat it. If you’re in Melbourne like we are, you’re in luck as we have lovely soft water.