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  • How long will my tea stay fresh for?


    If you store your tea in an airtight jar away from heat, strong odours, moisture and sunlight, once opened your tea will stay fresh for 3 months. After this time your tea will still be safe to consume, however it will gradually lose some of the health benefits and flavour components.

  • How do I prepare green tea?


    For instructions on how to prepare your green tea for optimal flavour and health benefits, please refer to our brew guide​ and our tea school​ stories feed.

  • Does green tea contain caffeine?


    All green tea contains caffeine (even decaffeinated tea contains a little). However the amount of caffeine per cup varies considerably depending on such factors as the tea’s origin, how it was grown, processed and finally brewed.

    Our Kyoto Hojicha is the least caffeinated of all our teas with an average amount of 7.5mg per 250ml. Whilst our Spring Sencha is the most caffeinated with an average amount of 25mg per 250ml. For comparison, a long black has an average amount of 120mg of caffeine per 250ml.

  • Why does green tea make me feel so good?


    Green tea contains two very important components: caffeine (as we have mentioned above) and an amino acid L-theanine. Caffeine is known to be a central nervous system stimulant, whilst L-theanine is a calming relaxant. When these two ingredients synergise in our bodies they induce a feeling of calm with increased concentration over a longer period of time, compared to caffeine alone which gives a short and sharp spike.

  • What are the health benefits of drinking green tea?


    The scientific evidence continues to mount about the numerous health benefits of drinking green tea. Research has found that drinking green tea may offer some protection from cardiovascular disease and cancer, lead to reduced risk of kidney stones, and strengthen bones, teeth and the immune system.

    For more information about the health benefits of green tea please visit our blog where we love to talk about all things tea. www.parlortea.com/stories.