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About Us

We believe that tea is a powerful remedy for both body and mind in a world increasingly driven by speed, change and technology. Our aim is to draw on the simple pleasure of making tea as a grounding ritual that elevates everyday living.

Bonnie and Chris first became intrigued with tea and its rich heritage after travelling to Japan. They soon realised that Western tea culture, although not lacking in vibrancy, had on many occasions underestimated what true tea is and the holistic health benefits it can provide to your everyday life.

Inspired by the experiences of this journey, the concept of Parlor Tea began. Led by an appreciation for slow living, mindfulness and unassuming beauty, the Melbourne based brand curates a collection of green tea aimed to suit both the newcomer and seasoned connoisseur.

Each blend has been crafted from organic green tea varieties sourced directly by the founders, ensuring the supply chain is as short and transparent as possible. By uniting leading research and innovation with the historic art of tea production and brewing, Parlor Tea takes delight in creating a remarkable sensory experience.

Through the exceptional flavour and quality of its ingredients through to the soulful touch of the craftspeople the brand works with, there is a love and care in every part of the Parlor Tea experience that defines a pure, honest and socially conscious luxury.

About Us

Our Values

We truly believe that any business can serve as an agent of positive change in the world. Here are a few of the things we choose to focus on to help make this a reality.


We believe small independent farmers and tea processors generally make tea with much more care and attention to quality. For our current range we have collaborated with a 3rd generation family run business founded approximately 70 years ago in Kagekawa, Shizuoka, Japan.


Yes our tea is 100% organic! Grown the good old fashioned way; without the use of synthetic fertilizers, agricultural chemicals or pesticides. We choose to sell organic tea as a positive step towards restoring the important soils that cover our planet, and because we believe tea grown without agro-chemicals to be better for your health.


When designing our packaging we must consider both product freshness and environmental impact. We work with packaging technologists to ensure all our materials can be recycled via kerbside recycling or soft plastics programs which are now available throughout major cities in Australia. We continually research and hunt for alternative packaging materials; with the aim to deliver our products without the need for plastics in the near future.

Supply Chain

All of our green tea is sourced directly from the producers in Japan with no middle-people involved. This means our supply chain is much shorter than a conventional supply chain, ensuring transport, off-site storage and energy consumption is kept to a minimum, more profits make their way back to the businesses that actually matter, and the tea that ends up in your cup is as fresh as can be.